If you can receive email but cannot send outgoing mail

In some cases when you attempt to send mail you can experience an error similar to the following: 
The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'you@MailHostingAccountDomain.com',Server:'mail.MailHostingAccountDomain.com', Protocol:SMTP, Port: 25,Secure(SSL): NO Socket error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800ccc0e   
This error usually indicates the failure of your email program to connect to port 25, the SMTP (outgoing mail) port. One of the following is the likely cause of this problem:
  1. Your firewall blocks SMTP connections to an internet mail server. Consult your firewall documentation or network administrator for details.
  2. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does not allow SMTP connections to an internet mail server. Most large ISPs now block port 25 in an effort to prevent spam. If you believe that this is the cause of your error, you will have to configure your email program to use your ISP's SMTP server. Consult your ISP's technical support or FAQ regarding SMTP usage.
If you use one of the ISPs listed below, try the corresponding SMTP setting to see if it remedies the problem. If it does not, contact your ISP for SMTP settings.

If you cannot find the SMTP server for your ISP, or do not have access to it, you can use [mail.HostingAccountDomain.com] through port 587. Consult your email program's help files for information on changing the outgoing mail port.